• Vacation Fun Mad Libs

    Take a vacation from your vacation and fill out this fun story from the Vacation Fun Mad Libs book. Because that baby sitting next to you in coach won’t stop crying anytime soon...
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  • Mad Libs Party Invitations

    Make your party the highlight of the year with these Mad Libs Party Invitations. Perfect for any occasion, printout a handful for your closest friends or enough for the entire school.
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  • Mad Libs Hall Pass

    Roam the halls with peace of mind with a stack of Mad Libs Hall Passes in your pocket. Teachers and hall moniters will get a kick out of your clever excuses and never question you again.
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  • Mad Libs Valentines

    Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s Valentines day, and this card is for you! Classmates, coworkers, and everyone inbewteen will be smitten when recieving a one of a kind Mad Libs Valentine.
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  • Mad Libs Fortune Teller

    No need for a genie in a bottle or a crystal ball, let our Mad Libs Fortune teller predict your future. Print, fold, and amaze your friends with your new mystical powers.
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